2012 Disaster Preparedness Event
Sept 8, 2012 "Tornado's, Are you Ready for the Ride" MCHCE's biggest county event of all time Tabernacle Baptist Church provided a beautiful location and many volunteer hours were given
Eddy Weiss, guest speaker, arrived a day early and brought a big thunderstorm with him Saturday was a nice sunny day and
Eddy's mobile medical center was fully inflated in 4 minutes
A smaller tent
served as a
command center
Debris from the 2011 Joplin, Mo. tornado was on display Decatur's National Guard, Black Hawk Helicopter, was a big hit with visitors
The WAND-TV StormRunner and WSOY radio provided a media presence
MCHCE's booth included their organizations information and Door Prizes
Local emergency organizations set up informational displays and Yes, the puppy is real
On the parking lot, Emergency response vehicles were everywhere
Surprise arrival of a Medical Transport Helicopter
Games were
available for
children to play
Gini introduced
Eddy Weiss, Storm Chaser and Preparedness Instructor from "Chasing4Life.org"
Door Prize tickets were drawn and winners announced The kitchen area prepared for the people that lined up for Hot Dogs and Barbeque
MCHCE with the National Guard
Eddys family and
his volunteers
Recognition is given to Educators, Sponsors and to those who gave Donations
After months of preparation, it was worth all the hard work Thanks! to all who made this event possible and a huge success