2011 Farm Progress Show
The long road to
the 2011
Farm Progress
Everyone arrives
for a long day of volunteering
Great landscaping makes for a memorable experience
Large banners direct visitors to an oasis between Third and Fourth street
Everyone gets to work
Voted best job,
working in the freezer on 3 very
hot, hot, hot days
Are these cold yet?
Hot tea wasn't a
big seller
Wrapping up those
Pork Chop
When possible,
take a break to
beat the heat
In your spare time,
you may have observed may of
the displays and equipment
Senior vs. Junior
from American Choppers TV show built two bikes with
a farm theme
The lines were
long at the
Ice Cream
State Police demonstrating simulated 10-mph crash impact with
State Farm
Going home after
a long days work.

Thanks!  to all
who volunteered