100 Year Celebration Photos
Julie Moore Wolfe, Mayor of Decatur, declares Sep. 8, 2018 as "MCHCE DAY" in preparation for their
100 Year Anniversary
Members gather to decorate the Decatur Club for MCHCE's 100 year celebration
Judy Wilhelm is given
an official title,
"The Corrector" making last minute changes to the program book
During registration, music is provided by Michael Scherer
Presentation of Flag
Boy Scout Troop #202
         Karen Halicki

Aim, Sharon Middleton

Collect, Sally Dennis
Karen "Welcomes" everyone and
introduces our guest speaker, Paul Osborne from the
Decatur Tribune
The "Harmony Guaranteed Quartet" sings many favorites
and a special request, "Hello Sally Lou"
Recognition of 71 year member, Barbara
Current, along with
60+ and 50+ members
Past Presidents,
Jeannine Freyling
Bonnie Lanham
Carol Bork
Karen Halicki
Sharon Middleton
Doug Harlan,
Jane Chapman,
Kathleen Emery,
Mindy Peterson-Lindsey
with the "A to Z's" of
Macon County, and
Helen Kershaw on Piano
Door Prizes
The Harmony
Guaranteed Quartet
in action.
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